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Trading in that daily commute for a dog’s day out might help you live longer

As you settle into the new year, you may find yourself feeling stuck. Whether you’re working a job that makes you miserable or you’re losing the willpower to meet all those lofty goals you set on New Year’s Day, maybe the “new” year doesn’t feel like the fresh start you’ve been craving.

For many of us, modern life has become a rat race. As full-time employees, we spend more than a third of our day working and commuting, less than a third at home catching up on chores, and the remaining third sleeping.

This rinse-and-repeat cycle leaves us wishing for more hours in the day to spend making our new year’s resolutions reality. Who doesn’t want to spend more time with their family, live a healthier lifestyle, and work a job they love instead of slaving away to make ends meet?

But it’s hard to know where to start when you’re stuck in an unfulfilling career that drains your motivation and consumes most of your time and energy. Thankfully, there is a way to exit this rat race altogether — and even increase your life expectancy and job satisfaction in the process.

If you’re looking to make a real change in 2019 that reaps lasting rewards, consider becoming a dog care franchisee. Not only is it a viable option for professionals and corporate executives from all industries and backgrounds, but this prolific career path can even help you live a longer, happier life.

New year, new career

Forget the whole “new year, new you” attitude. There’s no need to reinvent yourself in 2019 — chances are you already have all the skills you need to secure the job you want. Unfortunately, though, today’s competitive economic climate means you might not get the job you studied for.

The Guardian reports that UK universities are producing too many graduates for too few jobs. Indeed, there’s a chance graduates may not even reach the job market at all. For example, the UK law industry is facing a surplus of overqualified graduates to fill too few training placements, which means young professionals are unable to obtain the qualifications they need to find work in their field.

This is a problem for many industries, not just law — considering that over half of UK graduates don’t work in their field of study, young professionals are often left wondering what to do next after spending thousands of pounds on a dead-end degree.

Benefits of joining a franchise

Franchising is one of the UK’s fastest-growing sectors. According to the 2018 bfa Natwest Franchise Survey, organized in partnership with the British Franchise Association (BFA), the industry’s net economic contribution has increased nearly ten-fold, from £2 billion in 2015 to over £17 billion in 2018.

Franchising also offers greater opportunities for women and millenials. Between 2015 and 2018, the number of females in franchising jumped 20% to an all-time high, and roughly 18% of the UK’s 700,000+ franchisees are under the age of 30.

Not only does franchising boast better job prospects, but it also offers much more room for growth and expansion. Roughly 36% of franchisees own multiple units — a significant increase from 29% in 2015. And, with one in three franchisees conducting their business internationally, franchisees are enjoying increased profits, job satisfaction, and stability.

Better business support is another benefit of joining a franchise. Though one in 10 graduates leave the job market to start their own business, pursuing self-employment is a gamble you might not be able to afford, literally.

Franchisor packages provide training, marketing services, tech support, and the stock and supplies needed to manage and expand the business — all for a nominal portion of the franchisee’s profits.

Sniffing out the “recession-proof” franchise industry

There’s a reason the pet care industry is touted as being “recession-proof.” This multibillion-dollar sector just keeps growing, all thanks to more than 10.5 million dogs living in the UK.

The UK boasts one of the largest pet markets in Europe, with 47% of households owning a pet. Though the number of pet owners has fallen in recent years, the industry continues to flourish, with over £1.5 billion spent on dog-walking services alone in the UK in 2015.

On average, UK dog owners spend more than £1,200 per year on their precious pups — that includes pet care products as well as extras like doggie birthday celebrations and Christmas presents.

Ditch the commute, live longer, be happier

There’s no better time than the present to become a “petrepreneur.” A Swedish study found that dog lovers have a decreased risk of heart disease and other lifestyle diseases — and some scientists think that even your dog’s germs could boost your immune system!

So if your goals for 2019 include finding a rewarding career you love and living a healthier life, consider joining the DogKnows family today!

Find out more about starting a franchise with DogKnows, or get in touch today to learn more about what we do, who we are, and how our approach to pet care has made us an industry leader for over 20 years.

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