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Just like people, no two dogs are the same. And just like people, they flourish when they are understood and shown kindness.
Dogknows is unique in the dog-walking industry, because we train every franchisee to understand dogs, so that their practical dog skills are to the best standard they can possibly be. Doing this ensures a consistency of service and brand experience for all Dogknows customers.
It’s not just kind, it’s good business.

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The Science of the Dog Walk is our signature formula that incorporates all the skills and knowledge that you will need to understanding dogs. It will give you the confidence to take out any dog on a walk and be able to control it, keep it safe, and tailor a walk according to its needs.


The Dogknows Training Academy is our training hub for developing your knowledge and skills of dogs and for your business.


You are never alone. Our mentoring and support package is what our franchisees tell us makes us the best. Your success is our success. We are always there for you, to make you feel part of a team, part of our family.


Dogknows was one of the first professional dog walking business in London (probably in the UK) and set out with a single philosophy. To put dogs needs first. With this one single goal and by understanding why dogs do what they do, the benchmark was naturally set high.

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