How does a franchise work? Steps to take to start a Dogknows franchise

How It Works


Imagine you have just completed your training and are heading home, fully prepared to launch your business – it’s a liberating feeling. We know that because everyone at Dogknows reports the same experience.

To get to this point you will have made some major decisions, for example, perhaps you handed in your notice at work or had to decide what you would do with your life after facing redundancy or waving good-bye to your youngest child on their way to secondary school or university. You may have been trying to hack it in the dog industry already but want to know how to grow bigger and combine a better lifestyle as you do.

Whatever these decisions were for you, there was a moment when you decided you wanted more for yourself – to find freedom and happiness doing a job you’d love. Making the decision to change your life was the hardest decision you had to make. But you did it!

At some time you will have worked out that the biggest and best personal fulfilment for your new lifestyle will come by including dogs – and that’s probably how you ended up considering Dogknows.

Everyone’s journey is personal to them and yours will have brought you here for a reason.

If you are stepping into this decision process or you already know you want to start a dog business but are unsure about whether to go it alone or invest in an established brand and get experience on your side, why not schedule a no obligations call to get quick answers to your questions?

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