Dog Knows Franchise. FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions.



By now you will have some questions.
Whether these are about working with dogs, or about owning a franchise with Dogknows, we hope we can answer them here. If not, please do contact us via our contact page.

Working with dogs as part of the Dogknows team.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, do contact us via our contact page.

No but good handling skills will be a real advantage. These may have been gained from volunteering or working at a rescue or training centre but equally, from owning your own dog/s. Our training will provide the framework for you to grow your practical dog training skills.

That’s great. This business will put all your knowledge and experience into daily practice and you will learn how to develop a profitable business and develop your career in the area you have studied in.

There has always been a ‘charity-like’ view of working with animals, however the industry has moved on and a Dogknows business is a good way of gaining financial reward for your skills. We can discuss how your current work can complement a Dogknows Franchise.

No. However, we can give advice on how you can complement your practical skills with qualifications if you choose to do so.

We use kind, force-free, reward-based training techniques only. No harsh or aversive methods. No choke chains, prong collars or sprays. We consider ourselves as educators of modern dog training ways.

Firstly, all dogs you care for will be thoroughly assessed; however, problem behaviour can begin at any time for all kind or reasons. That’s why you will have support via the Dogknows Helpline.

This is a service that is available to all Franchise Owners and will provide ‘first help’ advice to deal with any problem behaviour that arises. This advice may be enough to resolve a problem or may be an interim measure until a qualified behaviourist or trainer can be introduced.

Dogknows has a tried and tested training programme for collecting, transporting and exercising dogs.

You need to be relaxed and confident with dogs of different breeds and sizes and demonstrate that you are at ease in the company of dogs.

Obviously, whilst you are working alone to build up your business being sick, is difficult. However, during your training you will identify your support network.

What does it mean to own a franchise with Dogknows?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, do contact us via our contact page.

A franchise is a particular legal form of licensing. As a Dogknows franchisee you operate under a clear, commercial contract which spells out the obligations and responsibilities of both parties. You will know exactly where you stand. You may be surprised at how extensive franchising is in the UK, but one reason it is so popular is that it can be a real win-win arrangement for both franchisee and franchisor. Buying a Dogknows franchise is a much less risky way of getting into business than starting from scratch or buying into an established firm because the way it works is already proven and packaged up ready for you to run.

No, although it will help if you have done, or if you have been responsible for your own profitability and budgets as a manager of a department or business unit. Your first year at Dogknows is all about getting to know and understand the Dogknows business, so you’ll have plenty of time to get comfortable in your new role before you think about expanding it.

You know that any business investment carries risk, but statistics show that if you invest in a franchise you are less likely to lose out than investors in other forms of private business. By investing in a Dogknows franchise you are also investing in yourself, keeping your experience of working with dogs fresh and up to date, and building business experience too.

You have 100% marketing exclusivity in your territory. Only you will be able to market Dogknows in your area.

This is best discussed with you so we can be specific.

You set the limits but we do want to go into business with ambitious people. Our experience is that some franchisees prefer to run a home-based family business while others take a more ‘corporate’ approach and work to grow their business much further. We encourage you to scale your business development to match your capabilities.

Yes – by your franchise agreement. We aim to create such a positive and profitable partnership with our franchisees that neither party ever feels the need to look at this again.

Yes. In our experience, many dogs come to us as puppies and stay with us for years. That’s because we make sure that the dog always comes first and we pay the kind of attention to detail that means our clients never want to leave. You will be fully trained in the Dogknows way.

Yes. There are almost 6 million dog-owning households in the UK (source:Pet Food Manufacturers Association). Dog owners know that their pet needs to be properly cared for day-to-day and are increasingly willing to pay for that.

This varies locally. You may find a couple of representatives of national networks operating in your area, and their presence helps Dogknows franchisees to get business. You may also encounter several ‘one-man-band’ businesses. The Dogknows brand sets our franchisees apart. Competition stimulates overall demand and keeps us “on our toes”. Dogknows welcomes competition and is actively seeking franchisees in areas where competitors are well-established.

Full training will be provided in the Dogknows methods. You will also have access to our Mentoring and Support scheme.

Yes. Most of the high-street banks have a franchise department and are very supportive of franchising even considering a franchise start up as a lower risk.

The extensive training programme is included in the initial investment you pay alongside the ‘licence to trade’. Please visit our Flexible Pricing page for the three price tiers we offer, which start at £9,999

Yes. Dogknows will work with their franchisees to get the best price for their business should they choose to leave the network – whatever the reason.

No, projected earnings are for illustration purposes only. Dogknows will work with you to develop your own business plan and budget for your potential territory. Then we’ll allocate you an experienced Dogknows Manager to mentor you so that you have the best possible chance of meeting your goals.

Yes, you will need a vehicle that is consistent in brand and condition with the Dogknows brand, that is fitted out to enable the safe and comfortable transport of dogs. We can help you to kit out your existing car or provide a car policy for a new vehicle.

We can understand that people with established businesses don’t like franchise fees but what we are selling is our very substantial “goodwill” on a basis that is mutually agreed. Everyone pays royalties once a proper cash flow has been established.

Yes. In fact this is a good business to start as a couple.

Yes. You will be expected to buy a copy of a simple business management package that will help you to track and control the administration of your business.

We will train you to train your own team of Dogknows Walkers.

Yes. You get a Starter Pack of marketing materials as part of your set-up kit, plus a digital file of templates for you to use to create your own materials. You can also order new materials from us.

Yes. We research your area and will help you create the advert templates and promotional materials that work for you in your area. You will rapidly find out whether these costs are justified by results.

No, we are open with you. You want the best possible business opportunity and we are looking for the right people. If our partnership is to work well then high levels of mutual trust and respect are essential from the outset.

Dogknows has run a tried and tested training scheme for our dog walkers and managers for many years. This has been up-scaled to incorporate all aspects of starting and owning a Dogknows Branch. To help us prepare well for this exciting new phase, we have worked with experts in franchising.

Yes – we will provide you with their phone number and arrange a meeting. All we ask is that you first sign our simple confidentiality agreement.

We charge a monthly royalty which starts at 15% and reduces to 10% at the point when turnover reaches £75,000 and reduces further, to 8% at £150,000 turnover.