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Empty Nest – Now What? Discover a new career working with dogs.

Although adjusting to any major life change comes with its challenges, the empty nest phase is truly a liberating time of life. Parents are tasked with one of the most selfless jobs, putting their children’s needs ahead of their own for upwards of twenty years to prepare them for a successful life out in the real world.

Once the baby birds fly the coop, empty nesters can spend more time enjoying their hobbies, remodelling their “nest”, and investing in their own personal development. Life doesn’t end when the kids leave home — instead, it offers a fresh opportunity to grow and thrive!

Empty nest, new career

After eighteen (or more) years spent raising children, alongside ten years spent working a full-time job for working parents, the transition to the empty nest may leave some feeling a little restless.

This is one of the reasons why many empty nesters return to work to fill their spare time, but most find themselves put off by the prospect of a full-time job — and for good reason. Settling for a humdrum office job just for the sake of killing time can cause unnecessary stress and overwhelm — all during a time of life that’s meant for relaxing after years of hard yet fulfilling work.

If you’re an empty nester returning to work but feel your previous career no longer fits your new lifestyle, consider what you’re passionate about when planning your new career path. Ask yourself, what do you want to do? After spending so much time focusing on caring for your loved ones, you deserve to spend your newfound spare time on yourself, doing something you love!

Why empty nesters with fur-children are the “pawfect” fit for a new career as a dog care franchisee

If you’re anything like us here at DogKnows, you’ve also raised four-legged family members alongside your children. The rewards of dog ownership go without saying, but did you know that pup parents also have unique professional skills that can secure a rewarding career in a recession resilient industry?

Intimate knowledge of canine behavior, handling, and training, as well as the ability to recognize canine health problems, make empty nesters who own dogs a distinct asset to the job market. Combine your passion of dogs — and the skills that come with it — with the freedom of the franchising industry, and you’ve got the perfect career for empty nesters returning to work.

Parents of college-aged children are uniquely qualified for a career as a dog care franchisee. Many have decades of professional experience behind them, making them well-suited for a career managing their own team of dog walkers, sitters, and trainers. Plus, franchising is flexible, allowing empty nesters to set their own schedule and set aside time to enjoy their hobbies.

The best part about working with dogs is the physical and mental health benefits that come with it. Working with dogs is an excellent way to boost cardiovascular health during a time of life when good health is vital. Interacting with dogs also decreases stress and anxiety while simultaneously boosting serotonin and dopamine — which is especially welcome during the potentially tumultuous transition to the empty nest lifestyle.

Are you an empty nester looking for a new career?

After years of putting your family’s needs first, this is your time to pursue your passion — and improve your health and happiness at the same time!

Dogknows can help you take the first step toward a fulfilling career working with dogs. We’ve been in the canine care business for almost 20 years, and we take great pride in our legacy of helping fellow dog lovers develop their passion for pups into a profitable business.

Not only are we certified with the Animal Behaviour Training Council, but we also support our franchisees every step of the way, educating them in the latest dog training techniques and offering full access to our dog knowledge helpline.

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