Why Start A Dog Walking Business? Dogknows Dog Walking & Training

Why Dog Walking


It reduces blood pressure, lowers stress, increases energy, improves a sense of well-being. Dog walking brings a myriad of health benefits. But we’re not just talking about why it’s important for dogs here.

According to the University of Liverpool, who conducted the most in-depth study to date of dog walkers’ perceptions, walking a dog simply makes humans happy. It’s good exercise, but there are also remarkable psychological benefits. Every time a dog walker reaches for a lead, it is now known to bring about a surge of serotonin, a sense of uplift, a perception of positivity.

And if that is true for walking one dog walk, imagine the benefits of walking all your favourite dogs every day. It is one of the reasons why so many professional people are trading in office jobs for new careers in the fresh air.

Dog walking is also extremely lucrative. According to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, dog walkers earn a fifth more than the average UK salary. Dog walkers also report that they like the freedom to choose their own hours, and even if it’s raining, prefer to be outdoors, working with animals, rather than cooped up inside an office, working with humans.