Story about Dogknows. Twenty years experience of working with dogs

Our Story


Twenty years ago, Bobs Broadbent abandoned a London career in Marketing and Design to pursue a nagging idea. Back then, there weren’t many dog walkers – certainly, none that were offering the quality of service she would have hoped for her own beloved Irish Terrier. After growing up with dogs, she always knew that walking a dog required more than simply hanging onto the end of a lead.

As she set out to run a professional dog-walking operation, her intention was to consider every individual dog’s needs so that she could offer peace of mind to their owners. She cared deeply about this. Enough to invest in her own training skills and knowledge and became a UK accredited dog trainer, a registered Animal Training Instructor with ABTC, a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and had accrued an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management.

Word spread among dog owners in the South London area where she lived. Here was a dog walker who really understood dogs. She knew how to encourage the timid dogs and control the boisterous ones. She taught puppy classes, offered a host of dog behavioural services, and she knew how to keep customers loyal.

Offering franchises, and training others to her own high standards, became the natural expansion of Bobs’s original dog-walking business idea. Under her guidance, franchisees discovered that they could grow their businesses way beyond what they imagined possible, and they could also be proud to be part of a crusade to raise dog walking standards for all dogs. Dogknows has remained the recognised leader in this fast expanding industry.