Meet our Founder. Dogknows Founder Bobs Broadbent

Our Founder


Helping you decide if working with dogs and starting a Dogknows franchise is right for you is at the heart of my business. Nothing brings me more pleasure than being able to encourage a like-minded dog lover into starting their own dog care business.

I know, first hand, how liberating it is to abandon the daily grind of the commute and office job, in order to pursue a career that you love. I can still remember the feeling that life was rushing past me, taking my dreams with it, and longing to do something different. Twenty years ago, when I swapped my work shoes for wellies, I knew instantly that I’d done the right thing. I was on my adventure. I was out in the fresh air. And I was working with dogs.

I can’t make the decision to change your life for you, but I can promise you that my whole operation is here to support you, to train you, to encourage you and show you how to run your own successful business where the sky is the limit. My relationships with my franchisees are personal to me. It’s all personal to me. And I know that change is not always easy, but I’m here for you. Taking the leap to a new career was the best thing I ever did. It could be for you too.