About Dogknows. Our Family Values. Our Mission.

About Us


Making dogs and humans happy matters to us. It’s personal. We are the leading dog walking & training franchise operation in the UK and every new franchise that we welcome into our family is nurtured and loved like they’re… well, family. Founder Bobs Broadbent set out to establish a culture of positive dog training across the UK when she began her company twenty years ago. She understood that kindness is contagious. She understood that highly skilled and kind dog care makes for happy dogs and as a result, long-term and loyal Dogknows customers. That principle remains the bedrock of her business today.


We believe there’s a magic spark that happens when good business grows from authentic values. It ignites a culture that stands out. It creates a very special brand, unique against a backdrop of soul-less corporations. Founder Bobs Broadbent comes from a big family, most of them entrepreneurs, whose businesses were built on old fashioned virtues like honesty, trust and a desire to make customers feel valued and cared for. Dogknows grew from those values.


We’re on a mission to take our signature happy dog formula to every corner of the UK. And we know we’re onto something because we can proudly say that we’re recognised as a leading force within the dog care industry, responsible for raising the standard of dog walking across the country.


Twenty years ago, Bobs Broadbent abandoned a London career in Marketing and Design to pursue a nagging idea. Back then, there weren’t many dog walkers – certainly, none that were offering the quality of service she would have hoped for her own beloved Irish Terrier. After growing up with dogs, she always knew that walking a dog required more than simply hanging onto the end of a lead.


Helping you decide if working with dogs and starting a Dogknows franchise is right for you is at the heart of my business. Nothing brings me more pleasure than being able to encourage a like-minded dog lover into starting their own dog care business.

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